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In addition to CAD viewing & Medical Imaging software, Draftware Inc also offers specialized services for those customers who need help with large projects.

CAD Translation Services

Some companies have a need to translate large quantities of CADDS 4X, CADDS 5 or Personal Designer drawings into other CAD systems, but do not have the time or expertise to tackle the project. Draftware Inc offers a service for batch-translating large quantities of legacy CAD files. Using the DraftView products, conversion of customer CAD files is done professionally and confidentially. Click here for more info.

Orthopedic Wear Analysis Services

Orthopedic manufacturers and clinics often perform wear analysis studies to determine how well an implant design works, or to predict the frequency of revision surgery for patients. The tedious process of measuring hundreds of patient x-rays is very time-consuming. Some manufacturers and clinics do not have the time or manpower to tackle these projects. Draftware Inc offers a service for measuring polyethylene wear using PolyWare software and patient x-rays. The analysis results are of the highest quality and always strictly confidential. Click here for more info.