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Draftware Inc specializes in CAD viewing and translating software, primarilly for the Mechanical CAD market. Draftware Inc also offers highly specialized medical imaging software for the Orthopedic market.

Legacy CAD Data

As the CAD industry continues to mature, the management of out-dated ("Legacy") CAD data becomes an increasing problem for many companies. Draftware Inc has offered software solutions for accessing CAD data since 1988. We develop and resell a variety of CAD products, many of which cater to users of legacy Computervision CAD systems. These products include DraftView for CADDS, DraftView for PD, ckCAD, and ViewStation. Draftware Inc also offers CAD translating services.

Medical Image Analysis

Draftware Inc's close proximity to the center of Orthopedic manufacturing (Warsaw, Indiana) resulted in several specialized software development projects for this industry. Beginning in 1995, this industry partnership produced the PolyWare product for measuring mechanical wear in Total Hip replacement surgery.