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  • Windows 10 Ready (still supports Windows XP, 7 & 8)
  • New & Improved DXF Translator
  • New CADDS to Catia DXF Export Option

    View, print or export legacy CADDS 4X or CADDS 5 designs.
    DraftView for CADDS is the convenient and low-cost way to manage CADDS data.

    DraftView reads your CADDS data directly, without requiring a CADDS license. CADDS designs are displayed completely, as they appeared in CADDS, with all 3D, 2D and Parametric entities.

    In many cases the solution for legacy CAD data is translation into other CAD systems. DraftView can export CADDS drawings using the popular DXF format. With a proven DXF translator, DraftView uses the latest technology to create superior CADDS to DXF translations. DXF exports can be done individually as needed, or in "batch" by the thousands. As a CADDS viewer, DraftView's distinct advantage over other translators is that you can view precisely what is being translated.

    DraftView has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It can be installed and licensed on individual PCs, or "floated" from a network server.

    With DraftView, accessing CADDS designs has never been easier or less expensive!
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    CADDS Viewing:
    Single and Double Precision CADDS parts
    All Explicit Mode Entities
    All Parametric Mode entities
    All Draw, Detail and Model Mode entities
    3D Model Views
    All CADDS Text Fonts
    CADDS Hidden Line Removal (HLR)
    CAMU Component Part Selection

    CADDS Output Capabilities:
    Export CADDS as DXF, TIFF or JPG files
    Batch Export CADDS as DXF
    Command Line CADDS to DXF options
    Export CADDS as PDF or HPGL files (via printer drivers)
    Copy/Paste CADDS Images Into Other Windows Applications

    Standard Viewing Features:
    Pan and Zoom
    Layer Visibility Control
    Print and Batch Print
    CADDS Markup
    Rotate 3D Model Views
    Measure Distances (3D, 2D, intersections, endpoints, etc)
    Verify Entity Information
    Count Entities

    Supported File Formats:
    CADDS _pd, _fd (all CADDS 4X, CADDS 5, CADDS 5i®)
    BMP (Windows Bitmap Images)
    DIB (Device-Independent Bitmap Images)
    CAL, CG4, GP4 (CALS Group 4 Raster; Type I; MIL-STD-1840)
    CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile - CALS Model)
    COM (CADDS 3 Rev 8 and newer)
    DWG (AutoCAD native format; AutoCAD 2.5 through AutoCAD 2002®)
    DXF (AutoCAD Data Interchange format)
    GIF (CompuServe's Graphical Image File format)
    HPGL & HPGL/2 (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language files)
    JPEG (Photo imagery standard widely used on the internet)
    PCX (PC-Paintbrush native format)
    WMF (Windows meta files)
    EMF (Enhanced Windows 95/NT meta files)
    SLD (AutoCAD Slide files)
    TIFF (Tagged image file format)

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    Microsoft Windows® Version
    (network or stand-alone)

    Discount Price
    Per License (each)


    1 or 2
    3 or more

    DraftView for CADDS Unlimited
    (Includes CADDS to DXF Translator)
    View, Print and Batch Translate CADDS.
    Translates CADDS to most CAD systems via DXF.
    (CATIA users, see recommended add-on below).

    $ 295
    $ 195

    DraftView for CADDS Unlimited
    with CATIA® DXF Export Add-On
    Exports CADDS in DXF format that is compatible
    with CATIA's Paper Space import requirements.

    $ 495
    $ 395

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